About Us

Who we are

We are evangelical Christians whose faith in God stands solely on the record of the Bible, the inspired Word of God. We seek to meet and worship God by following closely the pattern of the early church recorded in the New Testament in the book of Acts and the letters to various churches. Our goal is to represent the Lord Jesus Christ in our community as a local church as a microcosm of the whole church (all Christians from the time of Christ to when He returns). The Bible uses metaphors to explain what the church is, one being the body of Christ, and whose head is Christ. The church is not governed by any individual or organisation on earth, rather we are answerable to Jesus Christ as a local expression of His church.

We do not align with any denomination or label and are distinct from sects and religions. We are who we are only because of our relationship with God through Jesus Christ. Our faith is based on Him, who He is, His work accomplished at Calvary for God on our behalf, and the revelation of God regarding the future. It is ‘not by works of righteousness which we have done, but according to His mercy He saved us’ (Titus 3v5).

We invite you to consider the content of this site and/or visit us to understand why we gather as a church within the village of Warsash. Most importantly, we point you to the Bible to read what God has to say to you.